So I made the pie.

I’m baking my ex-husband a pie for his birthday. I am doing this for our daughter, not him. He is a manipulative, self-centered man who has caused a lot of anguish for our daughter. I want her to feel as little stress as possible when forced to spend time with him. He requested that she make it for him as he is currently getting divorced from his wife of 5 years. I made the pie knowing he would not be happy with a store bought pie, and he would let her know it. I’m sure I have friends or family who think I’m crazy for doing it, but I know my truth. My truth is my daughter’s happiness is of utmost importance to me. If I can minimize him being critical, unkind or rude to her, I will. At every moment and every point in her life that I think she needs someone to back her up, I will be there.

So I bake the pie and she’ll give it to him and share a moment that he can feel good that she met his ridiculous want.



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